Welcome to Phantom Frenchies

At Phantom Corsos, our passion is for the Cane Corso breed, but we couldn’t help falling in love with French Bulldogs too. These lovable and adorable dogs have brought a new dimension to our perspective on the canine world, and we feel fortunate to have them on our hobby farm. While our focus remains on the Cane Corso, we occasionally have litters of French Bulldogs available to loving homes.

Our French Bulldogs are bred with the same attention to detail and care as our Cane Corsos. With over two decades of experience in breeding dogs, we have developed a proven track record of producing champion Cane Corsos, and we bring that same expertise to our French Bulldog breeding program. You can feel confident that you’re receiving a quality puppy when you choose a French Bulldog from Phantom Corsos.

Our French Bulldogs are raised on our hobby farm in Dallas, Texas, alongside our Cane Corsos. We provide a nurturing environment for all our dogs, and our French Bulldogs are no exception. They are given the same care, love, and attention as our Cane Corsos, ensuring they grow up to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted dogs.

If you’re interested in adding a French Bulldog to your family, we invite you to learn more about our breeding program and upcoming litters. While our focus remains on the Cane Corso breed, we take pride in occasionally offering these wonderful dogs to loving homes.