Phantom Corsos Waitlist

Our Phantom Corso’s Waitlist is a way for you to secure a spot on the next litter of puppies. 

Once filling out this application and placing a non-refundable deposit, we will make sure to put you on our waitlist which will place you at the top of the list for when new puppies arrive with your preference.

    (If yes, provide name of puppy, or sire/dam of breeding)


    (If yes, provide name/relationship)

    (If yes, provide Name / Age / Relationship for each one)

    (If yes, provide Name / Age / Relationship for each one)


    (Please provide details on the fence type and height)


    (Full run of house, restricted areas of house, etc.)

    (Provide details)

    (Provide details)


    (Include each dog's breed and what happened to them or why you no longer have them)

    (If yes, what was the reason?)

    (If yes, please give brief description.)

    (If yes, give a brief description.)

    Do you realize this and are you willing to commit to working through behavioral problems?

    Puppy kindergarten class and a basic obedience class with a certified trainer

    (List up to three, in order of preference)

    Check all that apply.

    (Please tell us Who!)